Thursday, June 16, 2011

Christmas presents for FREE

Last year I got almost all my Christmas presents for free. I have 2 children, and 6 nieces, the money adds up if you actually pay for them all out of pocket, but getting them for free, now that's great. I will let you in on the secret of how I do it.

The first way I get free Christmas presents is reward programs. The two reward programs I participate in are food, and baby items, such as diapers!

Right now, with the Kellogg's Cars 2 promotion, you buy a select participating product that has a code on it. You add the codes to your account and get rewards. They are very reasonable with their point system one code equals one point. I plan on getting the spy pen for 3 points, and the pocket translator for 6 points for my 8 year old niece.I also plan on getting my son the soccer ball for 8 points. You can enter up to 8 codes a day and a total of  30 codes maximum during this promotion. Once you order your prize, you will receive it within 90 days!

Another great food reward program is Stouffers Dinner Club. I did this one last year and it is awesome! Every stuoffers box comes with a code. Each code is worth 20 points, you can enter up to 10 codes a day. You can also earn 10 points a month, by filling out their poll, and taking a quick survey! I got two of my nieces a DVD last year for 1500 points each. They also have magazines for 1500 points. Movie tickets are 2000 points. When I ordered them last year, they got here within 2 weeks of order date!

We all know that when you have a baby, one of the items your baby needs most is diapers, and wipes, so why not get something back for getting something you need anyways. Pampers and Huggies have great reward programs, and I am a member of both. I have never got anything from the Huggies reward program, but I did buy a soft seat potty seat for my daughter when it was on sale for 700 points.

Pampers, and Huggies often give free codes out monthly, and you can also get codes from the packages of diapers and wipes! They have some really good prizes. You can get something for yourself, or something for your child, or another person on your Christmas list.

Swagbucks- I make about an average of $25 a month with swagbucks. Swagbucks is a search engine where you search and you earn digital dollars. Once you have accumulated enough for the prize you want, you go to the reward store. You will not get a search win every time, usually just 3-4 times a day!

Want to learn more about swagbucks, I have a post just for swagbucks for the beginners! Check it out here

These are all I can think of at the moment. Check back soon to see if I have found anymore!

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