Friday, July 22, 2011

4 Christmas presents for $.01

So the other day, I was able to make 4 christmas presents from shutterfly for $.01! A photo site called photo works closed down, and was transfering everything to shutterfly. So they were offering a $30 promotion code for you to do the switch! So for $30 I was able to make 4 gifts!
I made 2 of my nieces a photo magnet of themselves. I made another niece stickers of her self, and I got me a photo mug of my children and me when they were both babies that says I love my mommy! The total came to $29.56 so I had to add 3 single prints to bring the total to above $30. My new total was $30.01, shipping was free with a purchase total of $30 or more!

A couple weeks earlier, I got two of my other nieces FREE mini photo books of them and their father (who recently passed away. RIP) So thats actually a total of 6 presents for $.01!

My christmas goal is to spend $15* or less on christmas for 9 people! I believe I can do it!

My $15 goal is after giftcards, and money I have earned from surveys!

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